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Q: How does PointPaid work?

1. Register: The sign up process takes about 10 seconds, and we'll even give you 10 FREE BONUS POINTS when you register. It's THAT simple.

2. Earn points: To receive pay, or FREE gifts, vouchers, tickets, and soo many other rewards... you need to earn Points. Earning these points are FREE! You just need to complete a few surveys to get enough points to claim money, gifts, rewards or goodies! You can also earn points by signing up to some trial offers, but it's really just as cool a deal to simply do free surveys :)

3. Turn time into fun pay, rewards and more!: Once you have earned 200 points on PointPaid you can swap them for Money on Paypal, or gifts, vouchers, hosting packages, tickets, web shopping...and other goodies. Basically, you can request ANYTHING online, as long as we can buy it on the internet and send it to you via email/airmail. The possibilities are absolutely endless :)

Q: What are points, and how do I earn them?

On, points equate to REAL money. Once you have enough points, you can swap them for money, gifts or vouchers, web shopping and other goodies! You can earn points by filling quick surveys that take around 1 minute. These surveys are FREE to do and have no malware/spyware to affect your PC in any way. Guaranteed.

You have the option to fill in free surveys, trial offers, or purchase offers to gain points. Alternatively, you can easily use paypal to buy & make up those extra few points so you can claim your rewards! Simple and easy!

Q: What are points worth?

4 points = $1.00 USD
40 points = $10.00 USD
80 points = $20.00 USD
100 points = $25.00 USD
200 points = $50.00 USD

You need 200 points before you can redeem them for money or customised rewards. See details in following questions (Important!).

Q: Q: How do I use Points?

You can use these points to claim items listed on in the "Prizes" tab.
You can use these points to redeem money.
You can use these points to customise your own prize online.

Q: When can I claim the items listed on PointPaid's Prize tab?

You may claim these at any time as long as you have enough points for "that" item and have reached "that" certain referral level.

Q: How do I redeem money or customise my own prize?

After you login, you will always see a box called, "Quick Stats". At the bottom of it, you might see something like... "Points left before you can request money/customised prize: 30pts."
When you have reached 200 or multiples of 200 pts, you will see a new button there. It will say, "Redeem NOW!"

Click on it and you can ask for the amount of money you want OR the customised prize you desire.

Q: When can I redeem money or customise my own prize?

You may do this ONLY when you have earned 200 points. The referral level does not matter.
Money can be redeemed in every 200 point multiple (like 400, 800...pts and so on).
Customised prizes are restricted for items online that we are able to purchase and arrange shipping. (Not something you saw in the shop across the street that don't have a website for shopping...etc.)

Q: How and When can I receive my money?

PointPaid uses 3 methods of payment for money.

-Bank Transfer
-Western Union

You may fill out one of these forms (or all) after you sign up on PointPaid. You may find these in the "My Account" section. Remember to choose your "Payment Information" (to tell us your Preferred Method of Payment. Important!)

After redeeming your money, delivery will vary depending on your Preferred Method.
Paypal - within 4 to 6 business days
Bank Transfer - from 10 to 15 business days
Western Union - from 15 to 25 business days

(In the future, we may also include AlertPay, Moneybookers, and Alipay. So look forward to it ^^)

Q: How and When can I receive my prizes/rewards?

For listed items on PointPaid's Prize tab, after clicking on "Click Here to Claim Prize", it will take you to a new page where the details of prize and delivery time will display.
Usually it takes less than a month to get to your home (or PC, if it's just an electronic coupon/voucher). The process is quick and easy!
For customised prizes, we will email you directly within 1 to 2 business days to inform you the details of prize and delivery time. Usually it will take less than a month but may vary or take longer depending on the shipping speed of the merchant you chose. (If it's an electronic coupon/voucher it'll go to your email and will take less time).

Q: How can PointPaid give away Rewards for free?

Earning Points gives you pay and rewards! Earning these points are FREE! You just need to complete a few surveys to get enough points to claim! But what do WE get??
Well, these surveys are powered by many Affiliate Networks we promote. They give us a small commission and the rest to You who do the surveys!
They are performance-based, online advertising networks that develop technologies to promote incentive-based advertisements.
These are perfectly safe and trusted networks that won't have any adverse affects on you or your machine. Guaranteed.

Q: How can I contact PointPaid staff?

If you need help/support, simply go the our PointPaid Forums. It's the fastest and most efficient way to get your needs met. The forum PM system is also a very good way to get personal staff help. OR just click here to contact us.

If you need 'Urgent' help, get in touch with our staff through Skype or AIM.
Search Skype username: PointPaid
Search AIM username: PointPaid

Alternatively, click on the Contact Us tab for more ways to get in touch with us!

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